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Zhan Steel Speed helped build a makeshift hospital in Hong Kong

On March 7, as the ship “Linghang 27″ left the all-weather port carrying the third batch of aid products, China Baowu Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel shipped all 14,000 tons of emergency aid steel for epidemic prevention construction, which was completed 6 days earlier than the original schedule. It is worth mentioning that it only took 34 hours for the first batch of 5,000 tons of Hong Kong aid products from contract delivery to production line, refreshing the fastest production record of Zhanjiang iron and steel.

The last batch of steel coil is shipped from the all-weather wharf (Photo source: Baowu, China)

The severe and complex situation of the epidemic in Hong Kong has always concerned the hearts of our compatriots. On March 1, after receiving the task of steel for the construction of 14,000 tons of epidemic prevention and isolation center project, Zhanjiang Steel immediately started the battle of steel supply for epidemic prevention and isolation.

At 11:00 on March 1st, the contract task was urgently delivered. Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Manufacturing Management Department immediately organized an emergency meeting with steel mills, hot rolling mills and logistics departments to study countermeasures. In just three hours, the whole process of product design, planning, on-site production, performance testing and delivery guarantee scheme was worked out.

At the same time, Zhanjiang iron and Steel opened a green channel for production and supply. By optimizing the alloy composition and maintaining the state of the caster, the quality of slab casting can be improved to achieve 100% hot delivery to the hot rolling area, which is 3 days shorter than the conventional time. The manufacturing management department urgently adjusted the plan of drawing steel from thick plate and matching roll, and adopted two continuous casting machines and two hot rolling lines for simultaneous production, which greatly shortened the manufacturing cycle. An emergency sampling team was set up in the Joint Inspection and Laboratory Center of the hot Rolling Mill to discuss and formulate an accelerated hot coil cooling method without affecting performance. Sampling and sample submission were arranged in priority to ensure sample processing, inspection and result uploading in the first place, thus shortening the performance testing process from about 34 hours to 17 hours in the conventional cycle.

Steel coils are being shipped to Hong Kong (Photo source: Baowu, China)

The logistics department of Zhanjiang Iron and Steel clearly defines the loading principle of “ships and other goods”, sets up logistics support team and special personnel to track the production dynamics of products in real time, timely adjusts vehicle arrangement and ship berthing time according to the production dynamics, and fully guarantees the efficiency of the cargo flow of Hong Kong aid steel.

The emergency material supply is divided into three batches for production and shipment. The first two batches of steel coils have arrived at The Sinotrans port in Foshan, Guangdong, and the last batch arrived on March 9th. The steel coils arriving in Foshan will be processed and manufactured in local haste, and then sent to the factory of The project contractor, China Construction International, in Zhuhai for the production of steel boxes, which will be shipped to Hong Kong, China after completion. (Liang Qingsong)

Luo tiejun held a video conference with Danny Goldman, global marketing director of FMG

On the afternoon of March 14th, Luo Tiejun, Vice Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association, held a video conference with Danny Goeman, Global Marketing Director of FMG and others. The two sides exchanged views on the current operation of the steel industry, the improvement of iron ore pricing mechanism and green and low-carbon projects.

The iron Bridge project, with an annual production capacity of 22 million tons (iron grade of 67%), is expected to go into production by the end of this year. FMG is also actively promoting green and low-carbon work.

Luo Tiejun expressed appreciation for FMG’s expansion plan and efforts to promote green and low-carbon development of iron and steel industry. He stressed that China’s demand for iron ore will be maintained for a long time and hoped the Iron Bridge project will be put into production as scheduled. He also introduced that China will increase the development of domestic iron ore to meet the demand of China and the world for iron ore. Chinese steelmakers expect higher quality and more secure iron ore supplies. He also pointed out that steel producers strongly reflect that the current pricing mechanism has deviated from the original intention, and hoped that the two sides work together to improve and perfect the pricing mechanism to reflect a more real supply and demand relationship.

Danny Goldman said iron ore price volatility is not conducive to supply chain stability, and a better pricing model is essential to stabilize supply and demand.

Wang Yingsheng, chief economist of CISA, Su Changyong, Deputy secretary general, Song Xiuli, general manager of PUBLIC relations of FMG China, Dai Jianqiu, General manager of sales of FMG China, Li Liming, general manager of enterprise development attended the meeting.

Post time: Mar-17-2022