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Service project: European standard, British standard angle steel, steel

Our company was founded in 2010, after more than 10 years of development, the company has become a leader in the European standard steel and British standard steel industry, and formed its own unique company team.  Our team is not only at the forefront of the steel industry in terms of technology, but also pay more attention to the demand of customers. Most of us have been engaged in the steel industry for more than 10 years。so we can easily understand the needs of customers. We have a precise understanding of the types, materials, uses, specifications and other aspects of steel.  Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, North and South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions.  Widely used in construction industry, oil industry, machinery manufacturing and other fields.  Because our professional and product quality service in place  

 We are very professional in the performance and testing of European standard steel and British standard steel products.  We have our own workshop, laboratory testing, cooperative logistics team, forming a one-stop service in the steel industry.  We continue to innovate and improve our technology and services to meet our customers' demand for European standard steel and British standard steel products and services.  

Team concept: the company adhering to the integrity, standard, efficient principle of work, with technology and service to win the market, service to obtain reputation, dedicated to provide our customers with quality, efficient, fast products and services.  

If you want to know more about our company, you can leave a message or send us an email.  We will get back to you and solve the problem in time  

Service project  :European standard, British standard angle steel, steel

platesquare tube,square tube, round steel,strip steel.H-beam I-beam, channel steel and other productsMaterials:s235jrs235j0,s275jrs275jo,s275joh,s355jns355j0,s355j0h, s355j0w,s355nl,s355ml,s450j0seriesProduct standards:bsen10025/2-2004.bsen10210/2-2006.bsen10219-2-2006.bsen10204-3.1-3.2certification requirements.  

Post time: Aug-27-2021