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  • H-BEAM (S275 S235 S355 )

    H-BEAM (S275 S235 S355 )

    H – beam is widely used in steel structure building nowadays. It has many differences with I – beam.

    1) flanges. The inner surface of the flanges has no inclination and the upper and lower surfaces are parallel.  2) The two outer and inner sides of H-shaped steel have no slope and are straight.

    3) The cross-section characteristics of H-beams are obviously better than traditional I-beams, channels and angles.

    4)H section steel, is a kind of section area allocation is more optimized, the strength to weight ratio is more reasonable economic section of high efficiency profiles, because of its section and British

    Character “H” the same name.  This makes the welding splicing of H-beams easier to operate than I-beams and has better mechanical properties per unit weight

    To save a lot of materials and construction time.  The specification of H-shaped steel is designed economically, its cross section moment, cross section coefficient, pressure resistance and load bearing are much higher than those of hot-calendered steel with the same unit weight.